Print the  permit  you need and fill out.  Mail, along with the appropriate fee and a certified check or bond certificate from your insurance company for the bond to:

Minden Township
P.O. Box 134
Sauk Rapids,  MN  56379

The bond payment will be returned to you if all property's are returned to original conditions. If not returned to original condition the amount of monies required to  returned to original condition will be deducted from deposit and the remaining balance, if any will be returned to you.

Once we receive payment and permit applications the board will discuss and sign permit at  the next Monthly meeting and a copy will be returned mailed back to you at the address that you provide. If timing is and issue, you may bring payments and permit application to our next monthly meeting which  are the second Tuesday of each month at 8:00 pm at the Minden Town Hall and it will be dispatched at that time.

Please make sure to include your phone number and also a completion date.

Thank you,
Minden Township Clerk
Cynthia Abraham

Entrance Permit
$100.00 with a $500.00 bond (refundable upon completion with approval)
Utility Permit
$200.00 with a $500.00 bond   (refundable upon completion with approval)
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